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Fundraising and volunteering in our rural communities

The "Help" part of this program has impacted the lives of many people in Ecuador.

Since 2008, HLD students have raised over 1.5M usd. to develop projects to help not only individuals, but whole communities in Ecuador as well.

All the fundraised money was administered by the students themselves, ensuring that each dollar will be used for our 2023 volunteer program!

Previous projects have included:

2003: The renovation of a dilapidated building into a safe and secure medical clinic.

2004: The renovation of an orphanage kitchen including the purchase of new appliances.

2005: The full renovation of an orphanage in a rural area of Ecuador.

2006: The rehabilitation of a small school for children with physical disabilities.

2007: The financing of critical surgeries for orphaned children with life-threatening birth defects.

2008 - 2010: the construction of 35 houses for Chunchi's Families in extreme poverty.

2011:         The construction of 22 houses for a underprivileged community of Colta.  

2012:         Built 20 homes for the deserving families of Pallatanga.

2013:         Built 21 homes for 21 incredible families in the town of Camarones.

2014:         Built homes for 21 families in a very poor community Pujili.

2015-2017:          Students from across North America built homes for 42 families in Pujili, Ecuador once again.

2018 - 2019: Full renovation and construction of a school in a rural town Patate.


2023: WE ARE BACK with a summer camp project for the children of the Chunchi community


In Our Medical Rotations

Thanks to our partnership with Axxis Hospital, one of the best Hospitals in Ecuador, we have unique access and opportunity to shadow doctors and residents and learn from different medical wards such as:

  • Surgery

  • Emergency

  • Internal Medicine

  • Dentistry

  • Rehab

  • Sports Medicine

  • Labs 

  • Conferences

This is a unique opportunity for pre-med and pre-dent students to gain their first medical experience and discover their true calling in the medical field!

The Wonders of Ecuador

Ecuador is located in South America, divided by the equator line. This country has 4 regions with unique biodiversity and landscapes that will leave you breathless:

In the Highlands you will find its 27 volcanoes, lagoons, the capital Quito with its historic town and the city "middle of the world".

In the East, with the Amazon jungle, its rivers, waterfalls and the greatest diversity of birds in the world.

On the coast, the beautiful beaches, its gastronomy and the beautiful and happy people.

Last but not least, the Galapagos Islands. The archipelago that served Charles Darwin to create his theory of evolution, a unique marine biodiversity in the entire world.

In this part of the program students will discover more about themselves, make friends for life, while learning all this beautiful and exciting country has to offer.

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