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Transform Your Future

A Summer Program for Pre-Med & Pre-Dental  Students in Ecuador

Looking for an opportunity to gain hands-on experience while exploring a new country?

This 21-day program allows students to shadow doctors in top hospitals, volunteer in rural communities, and explore the beauty of Ecuador, all in one experience!
Applications open until:
March 19th 2023
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What to expect from your Summer with HLD

Just few steps away from the best summer of your life


Get all the program details by mail.

Fill the application form on our website and choose the month and program you want to join.

Once accepted, confirm your participation with us and start your experience in HLD.

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Fill out the form now to access all the program information and take the first step towards achieving your dreams.

Our brochure includes travel dates, itinerary, exciting places you'll visit, special promotions, and more.


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What our alumni says about HLD


"One of the Most Important Things I Have Done In My Life"

"This trip is special. From start to finish I felt like I was at home ...Starting with the medical portion of the trip ... The experience in the ER and OR, as well as learning some fundamental skills was something that I have found of extreme value in bettering my understanding of the realities of medicine..."

Liam - 24


Our Pre-med and Pre-dental programs includes 21 days filled with excitement, learning, and personal growth.

Make a difference in a local community by helping in the construction of homes, schools, or other volunteer project that leaves a real impact in their lives. 

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Gain your first medical experience by shadowing doctors in our medical rotations and learn the behind-the-scenes in different hospital wards.

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Travel through Ecuador, exploring the most amazing places this country has to offer while making friends for life. 

You can choose an extra week to visit The Galapagos Islands.

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Don't wait until it's too late, get all the info you need to make a better decision

May Group

From April 30th to May 21st 2023


August Group

From July 30th to August 20th 2023

Few Spots Available
Chat with us

Our team is here to help you every step of the way


If you need further information, you can  chat directly with us through Whatsapp.

Hands-on Experience 

Learn from the best doctors and surgeons in different wards in one of the best hospitals in the country.

Find if medicine or dentistry is the right career path for you and discover your passion for a specific specialty.

All volunteer and rotations hours can be used for medical or dental school applications.

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Network Opportunities

Meet and connect with other pre-med students from the best universities in Canada and the US who share your interests and passions. These connections can lead to valuable friendships and networking opportunities in the future.

Leave a Real Impact 

Get hands-on experience in a volunteer project and make a difference in the lives of others.

Not only will you gain valuable experience and personal growth, but you will also have the opportunity to make a positive impact on a community in need.


Travel and cultural immersion

Discover the beauty and culture of Ecuador through travel and adventure activities such as horseback riding on volcanoes, hiking in the Amazon Rainforest and visiting the Galapagos Islands. This will give you a unique perspective of the world and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Safety & Top Service 

You will stay in hotels that belong to or have worked with the company for 20 years, ensuring the best possible service.

You will always be accompanied by leaders and staff for your safety and to ensure the best possible experience.

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